Đèn Moving Head Beam ITC TL-SL101B

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  • Light source: OSRAM 231W
  • Color temperature: 8500K
  • Beam angle: 0~3.8°(parallel beam angle)
  • Protection class: IP20
Mã: TL-SL101B Danh mục:

The beam light is to focus the light source on a focal point so that the light source is more concentrated and emitted to form a beam.With bright beams, large paving area, and strobe, moving head beam lights can achieve the passionate visual impact and create a gorgeous stage. It is suitable for large-scale theatrical performances, theaters, studios and other places.

  • Optics: the optical lenses with high temperature resistance and strong light transmittance (3-layer coating film).
  • Color wheel: 14 color gels + 1 white light, bidirectional rainbow effect, adjustable speed, and flexible positioning function.
  • Fixed gobo wheel: 17 fixed gobos + 1 white light, pattern dithering, one-way flow effect, adjustable speed, and flexible positioning function.
  • Prism: rotating hexadecagon prism, bidirectional rotation, and adjustable speed.
  • Strobe: double-chip strobe 0.5-14 times/sec, support synchronous, asynchronous, random stroboscopic mode, and adjustable speed.
  • Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect with soft and natural light spots.
  • Scan range: X-axis 540°/2.5 S, Y-axis 270°/1.5 S, accurate scanning and positioning.
  • Display interface: a widescreen LCD interface in English.
  • Intelligent heat dissipation: adopt wind direction drainage and intelligent temperature monitoring technology; according to the temperature of different parts of the light, the cooling fans in different parts are automatically started to cool the light components down.
  • Two-way rotation
  • Adjustable speed
  • Rainbow effect
  • Flow effect
  • Superposition effect

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